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Bacon Family Foundation
The Bacon Family Foundation is now being managed by Wells Fargo The Private Bank.
Please contact Staci Adleman at 970-257-4882 for more information.

There is no grant form available and no grants are made to individuals.

A letter should outline the project or program in brief but sufficient detail for the Foundation to initially evaluate the proposal.  If additional information is needed, it will be requested.  Among the information supplied, the following should be included:

  • Legal name and address of applicant organization.

  • Contact person and telephone number.

  • Most recent copy of IRS letter of tax-exemption 501 (c) (3).

  • Date of establishment, brief history, and mission statement.

  • Unique aspects of program and relationships to other similar programs.

  • Purpose and amount of grant requested, project budget, substantiation of need and anticipated results.

  • A W-9 showing your organization’s tax ID number.

  • Funding sources and amounts.

  • Names, addresses and occupations of board of directors and officers.

  • Financial statement for most recent year (and preferably a copy of audit).

  • Current and/or proposed income and expense budget.

  • Documentation verifying State of Colorado Charitable Solicitations registration.

Only one copy needs to be submitted.  The Bacon Family Foundation meets quarterly.

Deadlines for submission of grant applications are March 20th, June 20th, September 20th, and December 20th.

Note these applications items:

  • Grant approved – Organizations may apply again after elapse of 3 years.

  • Grant declined – Organizations may apply again after elapse of 1 year.

  • Branch, Affiliates and Multiple Divisions of the same organization must be coordinated in a single filing.

The Western Colorado Community Foundation provides administrative support to the Bacon Family Foundation.


For questions about the application process, please e-mail Linda Simpson lsimpson@wc-cf.org or call 243-3767. 


All proposals should be sent regular mail (NOT CERTIFIED) to the following address:

Bacon Family Foundation

P.O. Box 4570

Grand Junction, CO  81502-4570

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